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Career & Educational Aspirations - Guided Life Balance Questionnaire


In this Video and PDF Combination, lLet Michelle guide you through the "Career & Educational Aspirations" Portion of the Life Balance Questionnaire, then fill out your Personal Vision Statement.


Then, if you want to keep working on the Life Balance Questionnaire independently, please purchase the video and document combinations for all or part of the other of the 7 different life areas not discussed in this video (in no particular order):


1) Career and Educational Aspirations

2) Money and Personal Finances

3) Health, Recreation, and Leisure

4) Life's Routine Responsibilities

5) Giving Back

6) Mental, Emotional, and Inner Wellbeing

7) Social and Family Relationships


Next, make sure you've completed your Personal Vision Statement for this and the other of the 7 different life areas where you'd like to see changes, no matter how small.


Then, move on to Part 2 - Goal Setting!!


*All Digital Product sales are final and non-refundable.*

Part 1: Career & Educ. Aspirations - Guided Life Balance Questionnaire

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