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Transformational Team Development: Tailored Workshops for Personal and Professional Excellence

Guided Life Balance Questionnaires - A woman holding a calendar
Social and Family Relationships - a woman with her children
Mental, Emotional, & Inner Wellbeing
Money and Personal Finances
Giving Back to Society - Volunteering
Rest and Relaxation - a couple making a heart enjoying the water on a boat

Unlock Your Team's Potential with Tailored Workshops

Finding Yourself SATX Life Coaching is dedicated to helping teams thrive personally and professionally through customized workshops designed to elevate their potential.

Our Personal Vision Statement Workshops (PVS-w) are meticulously crafted to address seven key areas essential for holistic growth:

1. Social & Family Relationships
2. Mental, Emotional, & Inner Wellbeing
3. Giving Back to Society
4. Career & Educational Aspirations
5. Money & Personal Finances
6. Rest & Relaxation
7. Adulting - Life's Routine Responsibilities

Each workshop session, ranging from 1 to 3 hours, delves deep into these crucial aspects of life.


Our comprehensive 3-hour PVS-w allows participants to select two areas of focus, ensuring a tailored experience that resonates with their specific goals and aspirations.


We offer flexibility in workshop formats, including networking opportunities, journey lines, and the integration of goal setting to further enrich the learning experience.

In addition to our PVS-w, we offer a specialized Codependency Workshop tailored to provide insights and strategies for fostering healthier relationships, both personally and professionally.

But we believe in providing more than just workshops - with every session, each participant will receive our a *FREE* copy of our Digital Coaching Bundle, offering ongoing support and resources to facilitate continuous growth and development.

Invest in your team's personal and professional growth today with Finding Yourself SATX Life Coaching's tailored workshops.

Contact us to explore how our workshops can benefit your team and discuss potential collaborations to meet your specific needs.

Empower your team. Elevate your success. Transform.

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