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A view standing in front of the Tower of the Americas in Downtown Hermoso San Antonio

About Us

Our company started in 2017 with a dream. Michelle wanted to take the coaching and mentorship she both received and gave in her corporate career, and bring this to a broader audience, focusing on helping busy professionals with career development and finding balance.

In 2020 Finding Yourself SATX Life Coaching expanded, grew a YouTube Following, re-branded to the beautiful brand we have today, and partnered with fellow Coaches to make a true impact in our community. It has been an amazing journey! 

Follow me on YouTube today and get started on your Coaching Journey for as little as $0.99!

Finding Yourself SATX Life Coaching Logo

About Michelle

Since 2017, Michelle has focused on studying relationships and emotional intelligence in order to provide the best quality of service to her clients. She also been in the corporate, as well as government sector since 2007, with experience that includes career coaching, building teams, process improvements, and general management.

For Michelle, a coaching certification was only the first step in a life-long journey of continuous learning, both with on-the-job experience, as well as dedicated daily study time to continue to grow her knowledge base.

Michelle works with busy professionals and their families to help them find balance in their life.

Outside of work, Michelle has a beautiful family and so many animals that her house feels like a zoo (not counting the 2 legged variety). 

She tries to practice her own teachings with a dedicated self-care routine, as well as enjoying yard work and any excuse to get some sun!

Michelle Raza wearing a jacket with the Finding Yourself SATX Life Coaching Logo. Her daughter is resting her head on her shoulder.
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