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About Us

The Certified Life Coaches at Finding Yourself have one mission - to help you become your best self.  We have coaches who have experience with Business and Executive Strategy, as well as those who have experience working in Counseling Centers related to Substance Abuse.  Our coaches work together to leverage each other's strengths and expertise.

Our company started in 2017 with a dream.  Michelle wanted to take the coaching and mentorship she was so well known for in her corporate career, and bring this to a broader audience.

In 2020 Finding Yourself expanded, and it has been a beautiful journey.  See details about our Coaches below!

About Penny

Penny Warner is a certified Life Coach who joined Finding Yourself in 2020.  Coming from a background working in Substance Abuse counseling centers, Penny brings a passion and guiding light to our team. 

Penny is warm, compassionate and bubbly.  She truly is a positive influence on all those lucky enough to be in her life.  

Penny's approach to life coaching:

"The best way to predict the future is to imagine and create it. Through compassionate and acceptance based listening, targeted questions, and curiosity, we will explore your goals, dreams, and ambitions to form measurable, attainable goals.


Together, we will uncover the answers you've had all along; the answers only you know - that inspire you to step out of your comfort zone. We will affect change, set and reach goals, improve inter-personal relationships, and positively impact the trajectory of your life. Let's put our heads together to help you renew your purpose, clarity, and joy.  Let's begin the journey to your best self!"

Contact Penny at: 432-638-9566


About Michelle

Michelle Raza is a certified Life Coach ready to help you tackle your biggest hurdles.  Her Executive Coaching experience comes from "doing the time" and climbing the career ladder in business, as well as going through an extensive Life Coaching Certification process.

Michelle is known for relentlessly seeking process improvements within her teams. She loves to coach and train and truly enjoys seeing the flash of inspiration when someone learns something new. She brings a passion for people development into everything she does.

Michelle has worked to bring the right talent to Finding Yourself, as well as working with Accenture since 2011. 

Before moving into business, Michelle worked in International Affairs, both with the U.S. Department of State as a Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow, and with the World Health Organization.  She awarded the Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship, and obtained full merit based funding for both her dual undergraduate and her graduate degrees.


Michelle's first job was as a Starbucks barista (and she still makes a mean cup of coffee!). 

Michelle has a beautiful daughter and husband who keeps her well grounded.