Frequently Asked Questions

I am not in San Antonio. Can you still help me?

Absolutely!  In this day and age, help is only a phone call away.  Submit a contact form or email me today to get in touch.

Why have I been "Waitlisted"?

Career advice takes time and dedication to each individual, and is not something that can be done without understanding the person you are helping.  Michelle values her existing clients and wants to ensure she can provide exceptional service to each one. 

If you have received notification that you're on a waitlist, you can opt to be contacted as soon as Michelle has availability, or ask to be removed from the list.


Michelle's rates vary based on the frequency of coaching sessions selected.  Contact me to discuss the best frequency for you.  Remember - the first consultation is always free!


Life is busy!  I will meet with you when the timing is best for both of us.  I find that chatting over a nice cup of coffee or even a meal is a great icebreaker opportunity.  Once we get to know each other and decide on the schedule that's best for you, (ad-hoc, monthly, or weekly meetings), we can set the time/dates that fit best.

What if I can't make it or need to reschedule?  Rescheduling or cancelling with a minimum of 24 hours in advance is no problem.  Please note that keeping commitments is important, so multiple cancellations will eventually result in us parting ways.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately insurance does not cover this type of service.  It is an investment in yourself and your growth potential!

Billing and Payments:

Do you take credit?  Yes!

How does billing work?  All services must be paid for in the same day the service is received.

How else can I pay?  Credit, Cash, or check with valid drivers license (address must match on both check and DL)

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