Specializing in Prioritization, Goal Setting, and Relationship Management


What is important to you?  In this age of information overload and rapid response, it's easy to forget why we are doing what we're doing, and sometimes it is important to take a step back and assess your situation.  I can help you to really understand what matters to you.

Our first session will be to explore what is important to you; to put your thoughts on paper, and to develop measureable goals.  It may take a few sessions to determine your priorities, and that's OK.  Finding yourself is a process.

Goal Setting

Great, now you know what you want.  How do you get there?

Let me help you plan and set measurable goals, then help you track to completion. 


When you're getting ready to set goals, holding yourself accountable to someone is key.  You've heard the advice about the gym, right?  - "Go with a buddy!".  Well whether your goals is to go to the gym more, or establish your own firm, I can be your buddy along the way.


Humans are social creatures.  One can be so "successful" in life, but without loved ones, does it really feel; like success? 

This is a main differentiator between Michelle's services, and others'.  You find therapists who want to help you with your relationships, and financial coaches who will help you reach your business goals.  But you are one person - why hire two people? 
I can listen to you as a whole person and help you in both a professional and personal way.  I hope you'll reach out!

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