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How Habits Shape Us

I am guilty of making lists. Lots and lots and lots of lists. And I like checking things off my list:

1) Make a list

2) Mark something of the list

3) Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!!

However....sometimes I notice that on my "off" days, at a specific time of the day, without meaning to, I am doing the same thing I would have been doing if I had put it on a list and then checked it off.


This is the power of habit.

Does this mean we throw away our lists? Probably not.....

But what it does highlight is that, the little things you do, day-in, day-out, whether good or bad, will shape you.

This is no grand epiphany of mine; plenty of books exist on this topic. "7 Habits..." anyone?

Its interesting to see this happen in real-time with real people though. To see them implement a small, healthy habit, and to watch that habit become part of them with time, and to see the grand repercussions that come out of that.

"Do you have 5 minutes in a day?" I remember myself asking a client once.

"Of course" they said.

So then I said - "OK, you do not have an hour. Let's start with 5 minutes".

And that's all it took.

Success isn't created magically. Its created habitually.

Start small - start with one thing. Find someone to hold you accountable. You've got this!

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