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Community Recommendations from our Finding Yourself Book Club!

"The Desire Map" by Brene Brown

"The Emotionally Absent Mother" by Jasmine Lee Cori


Mechella - Houston, TX.

Michelle has been very instrumental in my professional growth and development.


As a leader, she empowered me to recognize my strengths and encouraged me to “Lean In” and not be afraid of the power of my confidence.


Michelle gave me many little golden nuggets that I have been able to use everyday in my professional career. Small things like making sure to ask the questions that I’m thinking - no matter how intimidated I was of that person’s position.


She helped me to understand that I had to continue to sharpen my skill sets in order to bring more value to each one of my roles. She has given me tools on how to manage multiple areas of work including volunteer work that sets one apart.


There are so many ways that Michelle has inspired and encouraged me and I believe that has been priceless. 

J.L. - San Antonio, TX.

I met Michelle in 2011.  An ambitious individual that I now have the honor of calling my friend, and for most of our careers, a worthy competitor for advancement in the workplace.  We always had to stay on top of our game for our jobs as consultants; the long hours, demand to deliver to accelerated dealiness, etc.  There was always a balancing act between work and our personal lives - something I constantly struggled with, but not Michelle.

She is an individual with a calculated approach, and you better believe she is honest with her advice.  Someone that can assess a situation, take into account critical variables, and determine an approach or next best steps to achieve the best possible outcome.  She is not only my friend, but in most instances, regarding that balancing act I mentioned earlier, my own personal coach.  Michelle is a great listener - someone to bounce ideas and plans off of, and truthful.

She is definitely someone I would recommend if you are looking to "Find Your Best Self".

All things considered, I can't even imagine what my bill would be if she ever charged me for all the advice she has given me, but I can say that it would be worth every penny!

Alex - Washington, D.C.

I met Michelle in 2009 when she was a caregiver for her Mom, who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. 

We bonded over grief. She, experiencing living grief for her mother, and I over the death of my husband. We were friends and coworkers. Michelle had quite her hands full with being a wife, daughter/caregiver and working full time. 

By 2011, being her Mom's sole caregiver had started to become too much, and she chose to move back to Texas from Washington D.C., to be closer to family to gain more support. 


We had much in common, including both having family in Texas. 

At the time my husband passed away we were living in Kentucky and I made the decision to move back home to D.C. I couldn't have made the move without the immense help I received from family. When she told me of her decision to move back to Texas, I felt the need to "pay it forward" for all the help I received when I needed it the most.


She was astounded that someone would do that for her, and we became best friends from that point forward.  She settled into San Antonio, but we did not grow distant. 

In time, she helped me overcome many obstacles, always being an earshot away whenever work issues came up and finding the same amusement as I did over my being single shenanigans. 


She also introduced me to my current husband.  Michelle saw that the issue I had was connecting emotionally with men, given that I was still partially in the grieving process, but also experienced trauma which led to self-defense mechanisms of building a wall around my heart to protect myself. I did not entertain the idea of falling in love again.


Her insight was so helpful.  She was there for me, and a loyal friend.

Michelle’s help and guidance changed my life. She helped connect me with someone with whom I’d feel safe and could emotionally bond with without fear of being too close, too soon.  


Although this testimonial is to Michelle's character (predating her career as a Coach), I’d highly recommend Michelle’s services. 


She is a great friend, a wonderful mentor and is dedicated like no one else! She will not rest until you have achieved your own goals.

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