The first step to successful coaching is good listening.  We are not here to tell you how to live your life; we are here to help you find your best life. 


Our first (complimentary!) session will be mostly getting to know you - your priorities, your goals, your dreams, and your ambitions. 

Then, if you want to move forward, we will make a plan, and our team will help you get there.

Our coaches have been successful in business and in life, and we want to help you plan and get organized.  Most importantly, we will track to the plan we create together, and advise you along the way.

As our client, helping you get to where you want to be is our top priority.

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Why do I need a Coach?

What's the benefit of a Coach?  Can't I just do things myself?  Why should I pay for this advice?

Bottom Line Up Front:  Someone as busy as you needs help to cut back the noise.  What is relevant?  What do I need to do to get to where I want to be?  What can I ignore?

Who in your life will tell it to you like it really is, in an unbiased way, and hold you accountable?

Just like a personal trainer helps you stay on track with your physical goals, a Coach helps you stay on track with your life goals.  YOU define where you want to go. YOU define how you want to get there.  We will keep you accountable, check on your progress, and advise you along the way. 

We are here to listen to you. To help you. To keep you on track. To help you be where you want to be. And most importantly, this is about YOU. 


Specializing in Prioritization, Goal Setting, and Relationship Management


What is important to you?  In this age of information overload and rapid response, it's easy to forget why we are doing what we're doing, and sometimes it is important to take a step back and assess your situation.  The coaches at Finding Yourself can help you to really understand what matters to you.

Goal Setting

Great, now you know what you want.  How do you get there?

Let us help you plan and set measurable goals, then help you track to completion.


Humans are social creatures.  One can be so "successful" in life, but without loved ones, does it really feel like success? 

This is a main differentiator between Finding Yourself and other comparable services.  You can find a therapist to help you with your relationships, and financial coaches who will help you reach your business goals.  But you are one person - why hire two people when we take a holistic approach?